Toyota Supra

Toyota SupraThe Toyota press most markets for the first time in 1979, but decreased the production company in 2002. Above that fall under the category or grand tourer sports car class. The vehicle is released as a precursor to the Toyota Celica models. Above is a type of design is from the vehicle model Toyota Celica, but the vehicles and a broader. In mid 1986, the above in a vehicle is unique and not based on the Toyota Celica. Continue reading

Volvo’s fresh-faced C30 SportsCoupe

Volvo’s fresh-faced C30 SportsCoupeA major new series in the face of change that the C30-center life facelift to make its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month, with an emphasis on extroverted style and customization.

Headlights will be greater with the new wing and a hat before the supplements, while the air intake, redesigned to fit with other recent models, the Volvo C30 line-up. In addition, the Volvo badge in front grille greater. Continue reading