4 Times You Should Rent A Car

4 Times You Should Rent A CarRenting a car can be a way to impress someone, a crucial part of a big road trip or just a way to make sure you can get from A to B. Whatever the reason, it often makes the most sense to hire your own car rather than deal with the hassle of public transport. The following are some of the times that the best thing to do is take the plunge and hire a car. Continue reading

Future Trends in Chinese Automotive Market

Future Trends in Chinese Automotive MarketIt comes to cars in China is quite different from other countries is no merit alone based on the amount of sales strategy to maintain the current volume and survival at least you can imagine the world of the car in the fierce market. In China’s auto market is an emerging market growth rate per year. China’s passenger car and commercial vehicle market last year, an increase of about 40%, which is currently the world’s largest market in China’s auto. It is not easy to predict future developments, but there are some trends in the near future will strongly: Continue reading