4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Next Car From a Used Car Supermarket

_carsA lot of car purchases start with the question: Should I buy new or a used car? And it’s certainly not an easy answer. Everybody dreams of buying their dream car straight from the dealership, brand new and untouched. However, a lot of the times we cannot afford our dream car, or to be precise, we cannot afford to buy our dream car completely new. And this is where car supermarkets come into the story. On a car supermarket, you can find a lot of good cars at considerably lower prices. I don’t know if you have heard this before, but the price of a car that is only one year old drops as much as 40% off of its original price!

Here are X reasons why you should buy your new car from a used car supermarket:

  1. Bargain prices

As mentioned above, the price of a used car drops as much as 40% after it has been used for only a year. Imagine how much lower the price will be on a 2 or 3 years old car! A car is not something that will get old after a year of usage. They are designed and built to last you for at least a decade. So, buying a used car that is only 3 years old for half of its original price is quite a bargain.

  1. A variety of brands and models to choose from

We all know how traditional dealerships work: They only sell certain brands with which they have contracts. On a car supermarket, the choice is limitless. You can find almost every brand you want. For example, my favorite used car supermarket, Fords of Winsford offers more than 1500 used cars, each of them in a good condition, with fair prices. This makes them one of the largest car dealerships in Cheshire, UK.  I can’t think of a single one car dealership that offers 1500 different models.

  1. Good as new cars

If the thought of buying a used car makes you anxious because you are afraid that you will end up with a car that is worn out and damaged, you can relax – car supermarkets also offer cars that are only one or two years old. A year old car has a little or nonexistent chance of being damaged. Furthermore, car supermarkets have strict conditions that need to be met in order to accept a used car for selling. On the Fords of Winsford website, www.fow.co.uk , you can choose the year when the car was first registered, so you can filter cars that are only a year old.

  1. Car insurance and warranty

Buying from a car supermarket does not mean that you will be buying an uninsured car without a warranty. Nowadays, all of the big used car supermarkets include almost all of the services that you normally get when buying a new car. Again, I will mention Fords of Winsford as a great example of offering all the additional services that your normal car dealership will give you – they have finance providers in case you are on a tight budget, they have their FOW GOLD extended warranty and the GAP, or Guaranteed Asset Protection. Fords of WInsford ‘s products and services does not end here – they have a paint protection product called AutoGlym Paint Protection.

To conclude, buying a used car has its perks, the most notable one being the greatly reduced price. The first question still remains: should you buy new or a used car? I certainly cannot answer the question for you, however, I hope that I have helped you clear up some of the dilemmas you might have for car supermarkets, but ultimately, the choice is yours.